About enlyten

enlyten uses a patent-pending thin-strip technology to deliver active ingredients, like electrolytes or caffeine, over 10 times faster than that of liquids, gels, capsules or pills; that’s two to three minutes instead of 30 minutes to three hours. enlyten electrolyte strips are used by 15 NFL teams, over 50 colleges and universities, and numerous other elite athletes. In 2007 enlyten won the prestigious Best in Show award for Nutritional Products at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Trade Show, the largest exhibition of athletic trainers in the world.

All enlyten strip products contain zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, and zero calories.

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enlyten has secured the exclusive, world-wide distribution rights for all over-the counter drugs, nutraceuticals and vitamins, using this new technology. Shaquille O’Neal and enlyten just launched their business on August1st, 2009. enlyten currently offers six strip products; Energy, Electrolytes, Antioxidants Appetite Suppressant, Calorie Burner and Melatonin strips. Enlyten also offers TrimWorks protein shakes. There are over 50 other ingredients in research and development and over 500 ingredients that can be delivered effectively utilizing this new dual-layer strip technology.

enlyten describes the technology behind their cutting edge supplement delivery system:

R.A.S.E.R. Technology The acronym that we use to remind you of the benefits of strip technology.

Bi-Layer Strip Matrix Enlyten’s patent pending, exclusive, bi-layer strips provide greater capacity to maximize quantity of active ingredients and flavor. The bi-layer strip matrix allows for the optimal formulation for peak benefits. The dual layer provides additional area for effectiveness and optimal bio-availability. The most pure, ingredients available are used to reach maximum potency and greatest effectiveness.

Manufacturer Enlyten is formulated and manufactured by the industry’s preeminent research and development team. The scientist behind Enlyten’s technology has pioneered the use of the dual layer strip to provide superior neutraceutical products to consumers.

electrolyteLrgEven with stiff market competition like Gatorade and other major sport drink brands for their flagship electrolyte strips, enlyten has continued to grow beyond the ranks of NFL players and trainers, where it began.  Now everyday active people are taking advantage of enlyten electrolyte strips to more effectively hydrate themselves to achieve peak performance.

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