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The All Strips.com Enlyten Team was founded by my wife, my brother and I and is based in San Diego, California. We have used the enlyten “SportsStrips,” as they were formerly called, since March of 2007. My wife and I were introduced to them while living in Madison, Wisconsin where she attended graduate school. A friend of ours in Madison is an athletic trainer for several Wisconsin sports programs that received early access to enlyten and we were able to get some samples for our personal use from our friend. We have been advocates of the product to our friends for nearly two years now.

Enter the formation of the enlyten network marketing program launched on January 9th, 2009. For me network marketing always had a stigma around it and I think in most cases this was due to over priced products that you could get elsewhere for less money and pushy sales people that always made it feel like network marketing was some sort of cult. In the case of enlyten, at least now there is a wildly successful, patented product that I have used and shared with my friends since March of 2007. This removed the first barrier of the network marketing for me. The second barrier, the pushy sales people, will probably always be the case in network marketing, the nature of the business tends to attract people like that. I choose not to be one of those people. I choose to do my marketing online, via this website, an area that I have a lot of experience with. I believe that if I provide you with access to all the available product research and business details, you will take your time and decide on your own if the business is right for you or not. And if it is right for you, I would be more than happy to help you build your business.

I have many years of web site development experience and I have perfected the art of lead generation by search engine optimization (SEO). My experience allows me to get this site ranked high in all major search engines thereby generating a great deal of user traffic to the site and potential customers for all of us to benefit from. Odds are that you found this site by going to your favorite search engine looking for enlyten strips and up popped this site.  This is no small feat and speaks to my expertise in this field. Every one of the thousands of Enlyten Independent Distributors would love to have their web site rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, etc, but only we can claim this distinction.

We know what makes a successful network marketing business and that is two things: 1) you need a constant flow of people interested in the business to come to you and 2) you need to be able to empower your downline to build their business as well. I only succeed when you succeed. Most network marketers want you to join their downline so you can work for them. I say that is backwards, when you join the AllStrips.com team, you are hiring me and this website to work for you.

Email us at info@allstrips.com with any questions you have, we can respond via email or phone to discuss enlyten with you. Or to join the All Strips.com Team Enlyten today to have your name and enlyten link on this site within a matter of minutes.

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