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Price: $6 per Cassette (12 Strips per Cassette)
Fight the swine flu! Thousands of independent studies have shown antioxidants supplements boost the immune system to truly prevent disease. Enlyten Antioxidant Strips are formulated with the most scientifically proven antioxidant ingredients in the world. In addition, Enlyten Antioxidant Strips are packed with essential vitamins C and D that further boost your body’s ability to fight disease and vitamins B6 and B12 that help your body better metabolize the included antioxidants.
+ Boost your immune system – Prevent lung damage caused by Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) !!!
+ Neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and contribute to aging.
+ Maintain bone health and density.
+ Maintain cholesterol levels that are already within normal limits.
+ Promote healthy prostate and urinary tract function.
Zero Calories – Zero (0g) Sugars – Zero Carbohydrates
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Enlyten products are different because of their advanced (and patented) delivery system. Enlyten products deliver active ingredients to the blood stream in two to three minutes. That is over 10 times faster than the 30 minutes to three hours it can take for liquids, gels or capsules to reach the blood stream.
Enlyten delivers up to 95% of the active ingredients in each strip to your body. This is three to five times more than the 20% to 40% of the active ingredient delivered by liquids, gels or capsules. http://www.allstrips.com/enlyten-antioxidant-strips/ http://www.allstrips.com/enlyten-antioxidant-strips/60% to 80% of the active ingredients you are paying for in those common delivery systems leave the body as waste!

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