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Price: $6 per Cassette (12 Strips per Cassette)

We like to think of the Focus strips as Red bull or Starbucks or 5-hour-energy on a strip. Those popular products used often in everyday life are products that are loaded with sugar, fat, and negative side effects. The price alone of a Starbucks coffee or can of Red Bull alone is a perfect reason why enlyten Energy strips are better for you. Something averaging several dollars versus $0.45 cents per strip. The healthier and cost friendly solution, enlyten Focus strips.

+ Fast acting, easy to use and one of the most technologically advanced delivery systems available today!
+ Blend of B vitamins, caffeine and herbs will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and reenergized!
+ Scientifically formulated to meet the most demanding energy needs.
+ Keep your mind and body in a peak performance state throughout the entire day.
+ Easy to carry and consume anytime, anywhere.
+ Energy on a strip – welcome to the 21st century.

Zero Calories – Zero (0g) Sugars – Zero Carbohydrates

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Source: http://www.enlyten.com
Enlyten products are different because of their advanced (and patented) delivery system. Enlyten products deliver active ingredients to the blood stream in two to three minutes. That is over 10 times faster than the 30 minutes to three hours it can take for liquids, gels or capsules to reach the blood stream.
Enlyten delivers up to 95% of the active ingredients in each strip to your body. This is three to five times more than the 20% to 40% of the active ingredient delivered by liquids, gels or capsules. http://www.allstrips.com/enlyten-energy-strips/ http://www.allstrips.com/enlyten-energy-strips/60% to 80% of the active ingredients you are paying for in those common delivery systems leave the body as waste!


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