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Thank you for your interest in the Enlyten Business Promoter Program. With Shaquille O’Neal”s endorsement, Enlyten’s unique products are experiencing explosive growth across the US. People just like you are earning a great incomes by simply sharing the patented Enlyten products with others.

Enlyten is currently recruiting part-time and full-time product promoters. You can start today and create a great income from part-time work with Enlyten. The people you know will soon discover Enlyten; make sure they hear about it from you before you hear about it from them.

Gather your friends and start your own Enlyten team today. It’s great to earn extra cash on your own, but the true value of the business is to work with others to so you can increase your profits while your friends grow their Enlyten income.

The first question people ask me about Enlyten is: I’ve tried the product and I want to get involved, how do I get paid as an Enlyten Product Promoter?


1) Retail Product Commissions – When you sell Enlyten products through your enlyten website or with your personalized promo code, you earn a 10% commission. As an Enlyten Promoter, you can also purchase Enlyten products at up to a 50% wholesale discount and directly sell them to customers at any price you choose. There is no limit on retail commissions; the more you enlyten products you sell, the more you get paid. All commissions are paid monthly.

2) For everyone you refer to Enlyten who also chooses to become an Enlyten Product Promoter, like yourself, you earn a 10% commission on any product they purchase for themselves or any product they sell to others.

3) Here is where the big money comes in.  You earn a 10% commission on product sales and purchases for 5 levels of referrals!  For example, you refer Sue, who refers Jim, who refers Jen, who refers Dave, who refers Kate.  You earn a 10% commission on all product purchases and sales by everyone in this list, even though you don’t even know Jim or Jen or Dave or Kate. Imagine if you refer 3 people who then each refer 3 people; use this handy calculator to determine what your potential monthly and yearly income would be: http://www.allstrips.com/calc/

  • In addition to the potential income you can earn from enlyten, you will save thousands of dollars every year on your taxes as a home business owner. Read about your tax savings here.

That’s the Enlyten Business Promoter Program in a nutshell, promote enlyten products and find others to help you do the same thing.

Email us at info@allstrips.com with any questions you have, we would be happy to discuss the enlyten opportunity with you.

Heard enough? Click here to enroll as an enlyten promoter!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the enlyten opportunity:

1) What does it cost to become an Enlyten Promoter and what do I get?

Just $1 a day.  Enlyten Product Promoters pay a $29.95 monthly fee which works out to less than $1 a day to own your own business and get all the tax savings of a small business owner. This monthly fee includes:

Business Promoters receive a personalized, Premier Back Office Business Center Platform Business Promoter status with enlyten Professional Enlyten Welcome Kit
Two unique Promo Codes that will track to your Business Promoter ID
Approved enlyten product brochures and materials
Enlyten Fast Start Training Guide
Enlyten Premier Online Back Office Business Center / Business Management Suite
Enlyten personal and customizable replicated website
250 Business Cards with your Promo Code
Enlyten Business Promoter pen, padfolio, and enlyten lapel pin
iPhone™ Interface
Complimentary priority shipping on your Welcome Kit.
  • Business Promoters receive a personalized, Premier Back Office Business Center Platform Business Promoter status
  • Unique Promo Code that will track commissions to you
  • Enlyten Fast Start Training Guide
  • Enlyten Premier Online Back Office Business Center / Business Management Suite
  • Enlyten personal and customizable replicated website
  • EnlytenVideo system
  • Commission reporting with full “drill-down” capability
  • Lead Generation System
  • E-mail Campaign System
  • Proactive Video Push
  • Monthly iPhone™ Interface access and more

2) What information do I provide when I enroll with Enlyten?

You will need to have the following information ready when you enroll with enlyten:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email address
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) and birth date – This is a real business with real profits that need to be reported to the IRS for tax purposes
  • Your bank account number and routing number (optional – this can be provided later)
  • Your credit card number – to pay for your enrollment costs

Once you’ve gathered the information above, head over to the enlyten enrollment page to get started.

3) How much money can I earn with Enlyten?

This is a VERY SIMPLE business system that can earn anybody a great income.  Use the Enlyten income calculator to estimate your monthly and annual income bases on the number of customers and other product promoters you refer to enlyten: http://www.allstrips.com/calc/

4) How do I cancel my $29.95/month product promoter membership if I no longer wish to actively promote Enlyten products?

The best part of this business is there is no long term commitments, if you find this is not the right business for you, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. To cancel your enlyten product promoter membership, call customer service Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm CST at 1-888-436-5983.

Most successful Enlyten product promoters were not successful overnight, it takes time to learn the products and learn the business. If you decide to enroll with Enlyten, we ask that you commit a minimum of six months to give yourself a chance to be successful. If you can’t commit five to ten hours a week to Enlyten for six months, perhaps this is not the right time for you to start your Enlyten business.

Email me at info@allstrips.com with any questions.

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