5 Ways to Grow a Successful Enlyten Business Online

(The following is a guest post by our friends at Online MLM Secrets.com)

Enlyten is one of the few network marketing opportunities to have a product that is priced right for the retail consumer market. In most MLM’s by contrast, the product is secondary to recruiting new distributors if you want to have any chance of growing a real business. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 ways to grow an Enlyten business online by focusing on people who would be interested in the product.

1. Identify your niche.

Enlyten has great appeal among sports enthusiasts for example. But you can drill down even further and focus on tennis players, weight lifters, basketball players, etc… Why would you want to limit yourself to just one segment of the market? Well, the truth is, that if you’re trying to speak to everyone… you’re not really speaking to anyone.

So, especially if you’re just starting out, you need to focus on one group of people who are passionate about their hobby, sport, or vocation, and laser focus your marketing message to just them. It’s best to focus on a niche that you know intimately or can learn about quickly and become an accepted member of their “tribe”.

Here’s your mission: Take a personal inventory of your own interests, skills, and hobbies. Leverage that existing expertise and experience by focusing on a niche that is a match for you. This will make it tremendously easier to relate to these people and for them to connect with you.

2. Hangout with them.

Now that you know who is most likely to buy from you. Find them. Hangout with them. Get to know what they “smell” like. Seriously, the more you know about their hopes, dreams, desires, pains, frustrations, and fears, the easier it will be for you to provide them with solutions.

It’s easier than ever to find out where members of your niche hang out online. You could start by doing a google search for “tennis player forum” for example. You’ll find tons of message boards and groups this way. Also, you can search google groups, facebook groups, myspace groups, & yahoo groups for more.

You’ll want to identify forums and groups where people are actively participating. So, if you go to one of these, and it looks like a ghost town, where very few people have posted recently, scratch it off the list and move on.

3. Find out what they want.

Start participating. Ask questions. Offer advice. Make yourself an accepted and trusted member of their tribe before you try to sell anything. Sure, you’ll want to put a link to your website in your forum signature or profile, but just remember:

Don’t be a troll.

Aside from networking with people, your objective is to gather research that will lay the foundation for all your marketing efforts moving forward. So pay attention, take notes, make a list of commonly asked questions, especially especially as it relates to peak performance. I want to emphasize this point about Peak Performance, I think this is one of the best overall benefits/selling points of Enlyten sports strips.

successful-enlyten-distributor4. Build a following

With all the intelligence you’ve gathered, you should now be able to start creating content that positions you as a trusted advisor. This could be in the form of a newsletter like “Peak Performance Tennis Weekly” for example. You could also write and submit articles to Ezine Articles. You could start a blog at WordPress.com. Or a video blog at Youtube.com. All with content that draws people to you and entices them to follow you and keep listening to you.

I’m not saying that you have to be the “ultimate expert”. Think of it more like the Wizard of Oz…

This is a great analogy for social marketing I think. In the wizard of Oz, Dorothy was “off to see the wizard”, she’d never been there before, but she knew where she had to go. Along the way, other folks were attracted to her because they knew that she was headed to a place that could help them get what they want.

Think of it this way, and it takes the edge off.

OK, so the best scenario would be to send all these visitors from a blog, articles, videos, etc… to a web page dedicated exclusively to getting folks signed up to your newsletter. Because, to this day, email marketing is still the most effective means of building relationships and selling stuff online.

Now, building a list and a following is a big subject, which requires more time than we have here. We have a free training program that covers all the concepts of list building and social marketing over at our website. Just follow your click and check it out: “8 Day Online Marketing Bootcamp for Enlyten distributors.”

5. Sell ’em stuff.

Now that you’ve got their attention, fed and ignited their desire for reaching their goal (peak performance for example), and built trust, selling them stuff is much easier. Now get out there and take massive action!

Would you like to highlight your enlyten success story or your network marketing service that helped you to become successful here on AllStrips.com? Email us at info@allstrips.com an let us know.

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