A letter to my downline

Below is a letter I sent to my downline that they can pass on to their business prospects to explain why enrolling with enlyten at the start the month of March is the best day yet to start their enlyten business. I also distributed this letter to a few of my top enlyten business prospects.

Why is today the best day to join enlyten since the launch on January 9th, 2009?  Let me explain.

 If you have read and understood the enlyten compensation plan, then you know most of the income streams are based on promotions to higher roles in the business.  When you first enroll as an “Independent Distributor” you get the most basic of commissions on your sales and the sales of your downline.  The second role is called “Advisor” where you qualify to earn 5% additional commissions on the autoship orders of all distributors you personally enroll.  But the golden egg of the enlyten compensation plan is the generational payout structure, that you qualify for at the third, “Business Builder” role in the enlyten business.

 To qualify for each level in the enlyten business, you need to meet specific business volume (BV) and enrollment qualifications.  The catch is that some of these qualifications must be met within the same calendar month.  Since today starts a new calendar month, and in fact, the first full 31 day month in the short history of the enlyten business, enrolling today, provides you the largest possible timeframe to meet those promotion qualifications in your first month with enlyten.  No date in the past provided you a full 31 days to meet the promotion requirements, but enrolling today does.

 A common goal many new enlyten distributors strive to achieve is to reach the business builder role in their first month with the enlyten business.  This is not nearly as difficult as it may initially sound.  You simply need to enroll yourself at the $570 level as detailed in the enlyten business opportunity FAQ, enroll two people into your downline at the $570 level and help those two each enroll one person each (or one of them can enroll two people, or you can directly enroll four yourself).  In other words, in the month of March, you simply need to build your downline to include four people who all enrolled at the $570 level and you are a Business Builder.  And of those four people, you only need to directly enroll two of them yourself, your downline can enroll the other two.

 This business works because of the cutting edge products that are not available anywhere else and the simplicity of the compensation plan that allows you to earn a substantial income (and tax deduct any losses) at such a low business entry cost of just $570.

Here you can find the enlyten business opportunity FAQ answering common questions:


 Don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email with any questions you have about the enlyten products or the enlyten business.  I am always available, even now.

 When you choose me (the founder of allstrips.com, the #1 online website for enlyten) as your enrollment sponsor for the enlyten business, I will provide you with enlyten business leads generated by allstrips.com that you can contact to build your business quickly.  I will provide a link to your enlyten contact page on the front page of allstrips.com giving you instant internet visibility of your enlyten business.  And I will provide you an enlyten start up toolkit (exclusive to my downline) that contains everything you need to be successful in the enlyten business.

 The start up toolkit includes a first 48 hours checklist, a first week checklist, a goal setting process specific to the enlyten business, an explanation of the enlyten back office website, and a detailed lesson on the “three basic skills” of network marketing.  In other words, the start up toolkit was designed to fast track you to the Business Builder role in the enlyten business.


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