Receives Recognition was recognized in the “February 3rd Enlytened Weekly Newsletter” for our efforts to sell Enlyten products to new Enlyten customers in the month of January! Congratulations to everyone else who made the top 10 lists below!


Although we are very excited to simply be recognized, we were a bit discouraged to see a discrepancy in the published 12 customers in the newsletter and the 21 customers listed in our Customer Viewer in our back office for January. New customers in January included: 28969, 28995, 28941, 28939, 28931, 28886, 28876, 28005, 25935, 28822, 28805, 28804, 28793, 28698, 28628, 28540, 26525, 28424, 28359, 28206, and 28126.

We will strive to generate more than 21 customers in the short month of February. We have seven customers in just the first three days of the month and we think this is a great start!

Good luck to everyone on their customer and promoter gathering in February! Let’s see if we can make February exceed the great growth we saw in January! 2010 is already going strong!

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