Do enlyten strips work?

I am asked this question very often and the answer is a resounding, YES!

Not only does the patent-pending enlyten delivery system work, it has been scientifically tested and proven to work faster and more effectively than supplement drinks and supplement pills.  When I say faster, it works ten times faster. Active ingredents from the strips are delivered to your blood stream in two to three minutes versus the 20 to 30 minutes or more it can take an ingested supplement to reach your blood stream and take effect.

When I say more effective, I mean two to four times the active ingredient absorption rates as an ingested supplement in a liquid or pill form.  The enlyten strip delivery system creates active ingredient absorption rates of 80% to 95% versus 20% to 40% absorption rates for ingested capsules or drinks. What this means is that with typical supplement delivery systems that requires a pill or drink to be swallowed, you are paying for 100% of the active ingredients contained in that supplement, but your body is only getting access to 20% to 40% of those ingredients.  With enlyten, your body is quickly delivered 80% to 95% of the active ingredients, providing you a much more cost effective way to take supplements.

And at just 45 cents a strip for most enlyten products, we really are talking about a faster acting, more effective, more convienient, zero calorie, lower cost supplement delivery system. Try enlyten for yourself today and let us know what your experience is with the product.

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