Enlyten Distributors – We want to hear from you!

enlyten-articleCalling all Enlyten Distributors! We want to hear your enlyten story and highlight you in a article here on the AllStrips.com website. There is no better way to highlight enlyten products than to highlight the people who have come to love the products so much that they decided to become enlyten promoters.

To have your story (and a link to YOUR enlyten replicating website) posted here on AllStrips.com, all you need to do is write a 200 to 700 word article about yourself and your experience with the enlyten products. Be sure to describe how you use enlyten products in your daily life so other people in a similar situation can understand exactly how enlyten can help them too.  If you wish, you can also include a relevant photo with your article, such as a picture of yourself or something else that relates to the enlyten product(s) your article highlights.

There is no better way to highlight your enlyten distributor business online than to have your enlyten website listed along side your story right here on AllStrips.com.  Each distributor article will be highlighted on the front page of AllStrips.com for a minimum of 3 days and up to two weeks. Be sure to tell your upline and your downline about this opportunity to showcase your enlyten experience online so they can take advantage of it also.

Articles must be between 200 and 700 words. Please compose your article in Microsoft Word format and email as an attachment to info@allstrips.com. Depending on demand, this may be a limited time offer, send in your articles today!

Are you still not a distributor? Find out about the enlyten opportunity or call us toll free at 1-877-My-Enlyten.

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