Enlyten Enrollment – Just $181.95!

Enlyten has lowered the initial cost to start your own home based business. In the past it took an initial investment of $645 to become fully qualified for all the enlyten compensation bonuses. Now, for just $181.95, you can be in business for yourself and generate revenue on all possible enlyten income streams!

$181.95 includes $49.95 for the enlyten distributor kit, $100 for one enlyten Fast Track Pack that gets you 20 cassettes of enlyten product at a 50% discount, and $32 for your first product order of your choice.

Not to mention, that as a business owner all your costs are tax deductible, including the initial $181.95, your enlyten related home and cell phone usage, home office utilities and internet, travel expenses, computer expenses, etc. Business owner tax deductions alone will save you several hundred dollars every year in tax savings.

This $181.95 start-up package, qualifies you for E1 and E2 enroller bonuses. This means that each time you enroll someone into the enlyten business (called E1) with the $645 (best value) package described below, you get $168.25 in commissions! You nearly pay all your start-up costs by just enrolling ONE PERSON. You also receive $49.25 each time your E1 enrolls someone into the enlyten business (called E2).

When you enroll someone at the minimum $181.95 level, you will receive $36.20 in commissions. When your E1 enrolls someone in the enlyten business at the minimum $181.95 level, you will receive $9.80 in commissions.

The $645 package is still the recommended way to start out with enlyten and provides you the best value at enrollment. See the enlyten opportunity FAQ for details of the $645 enrollment package. In short, $645 gets you more product at a lower cost to pass out as free samples which will help you to build your business faster, with lower product costs.

The Official National Launch of enlyten is scheduled for July 31st, those of us who get started before the National Launch will be in prime position to take advantage of the MASSIVE growth that will occur soon after the official launch. Enlyten strip technology WILL be the supplement and over-the-counter drug delivery system of choice for the 2010 decade. Don’t wait for your family or friends or co-workers to bring this product and opportunity to you. Take the initiative and introduce them to enlyten; you heard about it first and deserve to earn the greater life long financial rewards.

Contact me at info@allstrips.com if you have any questions.

Or simply enroll now.

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