Enlyten Patent Pending Details

We always read that enlyten is “patent-pending” but what does that really mean?  It means that an application for a patent has been submitted to ensure the strip products distributed by enlyten cannot be copied by any other manufacturer.  Even more specifically, Enlyten LLC, the network marketing company based in Tulsa, OK is not the company that has applied for the patent.  Enlyten LLC is simply the company that is doing the distribution of the “enlyten” branded products.  Enlyten LLC has partnered with a company called HealthSport, Inc. to be the exclusive distribution partner for all elnlyten branded products produced by HealthSport, Inc.

To add one more layer of confusion, HealthSport itself also did not submit the patent for the technology behind enlyten strips.  The manufacturer of enlyten strips is a sub company under HealthSport, called Innozen.

Read the full text of the patent here:


The Innozen patent application was submitted on November 29, 2007.

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