enlyten Shipping Rates Reduced!

In the short time since I started this website, I have received lots of questions and concerns about network marketing and one thing that I have heard a few time is that shipping costs are always really high. Although, the shipping costs for enlyten products were not outrageous, they were awfully high.

Well not anymore! Enlyten announced today that starting on Monday, March 9th, shipping rates for orders of less than $200 have been GREATLY reduced! Here is the statement from Enlyten LLC:

We really do listen!  We know the costs of shipping and handling for autoship and retail orders has been a concern for smaller orders and we have been working diligently during this pre-launch period to address this.  We are very pleased to announce our new shipping rate option through the Unites States Postal Service for orders totaling $200 or less beginning Monday, March 9th:

  • Orders of $40 and less:  $3.50 (was $9)
  • Between $40 and $80: $4.50
  • Between $80 and $120 $5.50
  • Between $120 and $160: $6.00 (was $12.40)
  • Between $160 and $200: $6.50

Orders over $200 the UPS rates will still apply and UPS is still available as a selection for the above orders if that method is preferred.  Those rates have been decreased some as well.

These 50% to 60% lower shipping rates are just one more reason why enlyten is not your average network marketing company out to make a quick buck. They listen to the distributors and work to make the business more convieneint for everyone involved, both customers and distributors.

Find out what it takes to start your own enlyten business.

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