enlyten SportStrips vs. Electrolyte Plus

What is the difference between the old enlyten SportStrips and the new enlyten Electrolyte Plus strips?

Good question, let’s compare the Supplement Facts for each product. In the left image, you see the supplement facts for the old enlyten SportStrips and in the right image you see the supplement facts for the new enlyten Electrolyte Plus strips. Both strips indicate the serving size is six strips. Notice that the only enlyten SportStrips contained only 18 strips where the new Electrolyte Plus strips contain 22 strips.

enlyten Supplement Facts

There is slightly less sodium in the new strips, 70 mg, versus the SportStrips that have 80 mg of sodium. But the major differences stat with the vitamins and antioxidants that are now packed into the Electrolyte Plus strips. I would assume it is these vitamins and antioxidants that caused enlyten to tack on the word “plus” to the end of the new strip name. The new strips contain 42 mg of a proprietary blend of Mangosteen extract, Goji extract, Cranberry extract, blueberry extract and pomegranate extract. The new vitamins include 80 mg of vitamin C and 60mcg of vitamin B12, 133% and 1000% of your daily needs, respectively.

The direct listing of Potassium has been removed from the new supplement fact lable, but don’t be alarmed, a quick look at the ingredients for each type of strips clearly indicates the same potassium ingredients that were in the enlyten SportStrips are also in the enlyten Electrolyte Plus strips.

One last interesting fact are the “directions” that are listed on each package. The enlyten sport strips directed that six strips be consumed before an activity, six strips during an activity and six strips after an activity.  And this 18 strip recommendation matched up with the 18 strips that were contained in each cassette.

The new enlyten Electrolyte strips direct that one to three strips should be consumed. I have had a few people ask why the direction change occurred and I think the most logical answer is that the original enlyten sportstrips were used by professional and collegiate athletes who needed a much larger dose of electrolytes as they spent several hours each day sweating and loosing electrolytes. The new Electrolyte strips, although still mostly the same product, are now being used by a broader consumer market that works up a sweat much less frequently and for shorter time periods. During a typical 30 to 45 minute workout, I will use one or two Electrolyte strips. A friend of mine who runs marathons, will go through a full cassette of electrolyte strips on one race day. He takes several before the race to pre-load his electrolytes, takes a few more during the run and a few after the run to ensure proper electrolyte replacement.

Have you tried enlyten Electrolyte Strips? They really do work better than sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade.  Give enlyten electrolyte strips a try for yourself.

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