Enlyten Stock – Healthsport HSPO

Enlyten Stock - Healthsport HSPOI am often asked where one can purchase shares of Enlyten stock. Let me help to clear up the enlyten stock situation.

Enlyten LLC, the enlyten strip distribution company based in Tulsa, OK is not a publicly traded company and therefore one cannot purchase shares of Enlyten LLC itself.

But, the strip products that Enlyten LLC distributes are manufactured by a publicly traded company called Healthsport, Inc. Healthsport trades under the stock symbol HSPO and is currently a “penny stock” trading for around 20 to 30 cents per share.

Although Healthsport manufactures the enlyten strip products, they also manufacture other products that are distributed by other means, so their business scope is larger than just the enlyten strip products distributed by Enlyten LLC. Having said that, Healthsport revenue figures reported since the agrement with Enlyten LLC was finalized in late 2008 have show Healthsport revenues have increased more than 10 times, year over year. This shows the massive popularity of the enlyten products have greatly improved the Healthsport, Inc bottom line.

As an investor, the best way to invest in “enlyten stock” is to purchase shares of HSPO, Healthsport stock. Additionally, I remind people to keep in mind that more than 65% of the revenue that Enlyten LLC generated from product sales through their network of distributors is returned to the distributors themselves. An additional portion of Enlyten LLC revenue goes back to pay Enlyten LLC management and employee salaries and only a small portion of Enlyten LLC sales go to pay for product from Healthsport Inc.

To truly benefit from the massive projected growth of the enlyten strip products, one must get involved as an enlyten distributor to get a share of the more than 65% of Enlyten LLC revenue that is returned back to independent distributors. You want to be the first of your friends and family to introduce this product to them; don’t wait until they come and introduce this product to you. When that happens, they will be the ones to reap the greatest rewards from enlyten.

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