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I’ve had several questions about the enlyten.com back office web site for enlyten promoters and what it has to offer as far customization and the tracking of commissions and downline structures. In short, I find the website provides plenty of information and customizability. The “contact” page allows for the insertion of HTML which is a nice feature, providing a lot of flexibility.

The enlyten.com web site provides some very nice graphs depicting your weekly commissions and a graphical layout of your downline organization. A feature I don’t see often is a fully functional email system where you can create your own email address: <your name>@enlytennetwork.com.  You can send and receive from this email address right from the the enlyten.com website.

Lastly, and more commonly, there are downloads and resources pages with all the information you could ever want about the enlyten business, a contact page to get a hold of enlyten corporate in case of any issues and several screens to update your account, direct deposit and billing  information.

I find it works great, join enlyten now and I suspect you’ll find it works great for you.  For more information about the enlyten promoter program, visit our enlyten opportunity page.

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