Buy a Computer, Get a FREE enlyten Business

If starting your own home based enlyten business was absolutely free would you be interested? Let me be more specific, if you were paid $645 to start your enlyten business AND any monthly product you use for yourself was all paid for, would this be a business you could afford?

I literally paid nothing to start my enlyten business and when I first started I got paid every month to run it. Let me explain how this is possible.

A major cost saving feature of starting your own home based business is the tax deductions that come along with being a business owner. Every expense you incur to run your business is first deducted from your business income and then becomes a tax deductible expense to lower your yearly tax bill.

Before I started with enlyten, I had plans to buy a new laptop. Soon after starting my enlyten business I bought that laptop for $1550 for use in my enlyten business.  That new laptop became a business expense. (I am writing this article on that laptop right now.) The cost of my laptop ($1550) plus the cost of my enlyten enrollment ($645) totaled $2120. Since my wife and I file our taxes jointly and are in the 28% tax bracket, that $2120 business expense, saves us $593.60 on our taxes. This tax savings nearly paid for the $645 start up costs of our enlyten business and year over year, our enlyten business is completely FREE.

In addition to the one time tax savings of the laptop purchase for the enlyten business, we also save additional taxes every month on our monthly bills. For example, I pay $60 a month for my iPhone, $30 a month for my home phone line, $50 a month for my home internet service and about $250 a month in household utilities. Since I now use my iPhone, home phone and home internet about 50% of the time for work on my enlyten business, 50% of those monthly costs become business expenses. In addition, since I have turned the 2nd bedroom in my two bedroom house into a home office for running my enlyten business, the utilities for that home office (about 20%) also become business expenses. In total I now have business expenses as follows:

$30 (50% iPhone) + $15 (50% home phone) + $25 (50% internet) + $50 (20% utilities) = $120 in tax deductible business expenses each month. If you add on to this a one product a month personal purchase ($32) the total monthly business expense is $152. For someone in the 28% tax bracket, that is a monthly tax savings of $42.56, which is more that enough to pay for your personal enlyten product costs. In fact, you can get paid about $10 each month to own an enlyten business!

Depending on your personal monthly costs, your total tax savings could be a bit less than this or much greater, but I think you get the idea. Owing your own enlyten business creates a HUGE tax savings that puts more money in your pocket every month!

Major corporations and billionaires who make millions of dollars take advantage of this tax savings every year. We always hear statistics telling us that these rich folks actually pay LESS tax than the middle class. The way they do this is by owning their own business to pay almost nothing in tax every year.

Now for as little as $645, you can do the same thing AND have the potential to earn an unlimited extra income from your part time enlyten business.

Some people may say, “well, I don’t need a new computer, so I won’t see any tax savings.” But you will indeed. Like I said, every person who is reading this has monthly expenses that you incur every month that will become tax savings for you when you are an enlyten business owner. Maybe you are planning to buy or lease a new car that you will use part time for enlyten or you need a new printer or you need to renovate your home office.  These items can easily save thousands of dollars in taxes if you are an enlyten business owner.

If you have any specific questions, contact me at or if you are ready to start your tax savings right away read our enrollment FAQ and get started today.

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