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Do you know of an organization or a not-for-profit that needs additional funding? Perhaps your church is looking for additional ways to fund their outreach programs? Perhaps a charity in your area needs additional funding for supplies? Perhaps your children need to raise funds for a school trip or you’re a teacher that needs extra supplies for your classroom?

enlyten_fundraisingLook no farther than enlyten. With Enlyten, you can better the lives of the people in your community all while generating income for your organization. Enlyten products provide a more effective, healthier, lower cost alternative to many products that the members of your community already use. You will earn a 25% profit on all enlyten products your organization sells.

Enlyten electrolyte strips are the fastest acting electrolyte replacement technology available today. Used by over half of all NFL teams and thousands of college athletes, enlyten electrolyte strips are a lower cost and faster acting alternative to sugary sports drinks. cites sports drinks as the #1 cause of tooth decay in America today, eliminate that health issue in your community with enlyten.

Enlyten energy strips are a healthier, lower cost and faster acting alternative to energy drinks. Again, why consume all that sugar in an energy drink for a short term burst of energy only to crash an hour or so later? Share Enlyten energy strips with your community as a safe and more effective product for sustained energy.

Enlyten also offers antioxidant strips to replace vitamin waters and other expensive and sugar filled sources of antioxidants, and Enlyten melatonin strips for a faster acting and more effective sleep and relaxation aid for those with sleep and stress issues.

In addition to the products listed above, enlyten also has a full line of weight loss products including the fastest acting appetite suppressant on the market today, a calorie burner to boost your metabolism, a quick cleanse product, and a line of meal replacement protein shakes. At just a few dollars a meal, your community can save money on food by replacing one meal a day with an enlyten shake and lose weight at the same time.

Enlyten is also a big believer in giving back to society. Enlyten has partnered with Joint Aid Management (JAM) who currently feeds and provides help to more than 500,000 children everyday. With nearly 800 full time employees and over 3,000 volunteers, this organization has the heart and financial strength to help Enlyten accomplish its mission of helping malnourished children for years to come.

Enlyten has committed to give a percentage of its products and profits to help malnourished children. You’ll be happy to know that Enlyten’s revolutionary products and delivery system will help save lives of children who are deficient in electrolytes, vitamin-A and other life-sustaining ingredients. You’ll actually see, as part of your Enlyten tracking system, the number of children you’ve personally helped and possibly saved as a result of your activity with Enlyten.

There are two ways for your organization to partner with enlyten:

1) Your organization opens up one distribution account with enlyten and all members of the organization sell enlyten products for the organization. This allows for the full 25% commissions on all product sales to go directly to the organization’s bottom line.

2) Your organization opens up a distribution account with enlyten and any participating members of the organization open up their own personal distribution accounts as sub-distributors to the main organization distribution account. With this method, each individual distributor will receive the 25% commissions on their personal product sales and the parent organization will receive a percentage of the total sales volume of all their member distributors. This method gives the participating members of your organization a financial incentive for working to promote and sell enlyten products and generate revenue for the organization.

If you are considering enlyten for your fundraising needs, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at or call toll free 1-877-My-Enlyten (877-693-6598).

Get your fundraising started today with Enlyten:

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