NEW Enlyten Compensation Plan

Here at, we like to focus our efforts on educating customers on the benefits of the enlyten products in an effort to sell product for retail commissions. And as our upline would testify, we do a very good job of this. But at times we need to remind ourselves that we are part of a network marketing company and with the recent announcement of the new enlyten compensation plan we need to take a step back and evaluate how this affects our enlyten business and how this can help your enlyten business.

A “preliminary draft” of the new Enlyten compensation plan has been released and we are really excited about it! This new plan takes affect November 1st, 2009.

In this new “binary” enlyten compensation plan, every enlyten distributor only has two frontline (first level) distributors. Once your direct upline sponsor enrolls you and one other person, any further distributors that they enroll need to be placed in your downline which helps your business grow MUCH faster than with the previous “unilevel” enlyten compensation plan.

Choose as your sponsor and we will build 50% of your business!

Choose as your sponsor and we will build 50% of your business! Enroll to lock in a top position today!

Now consider that you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of upline distributors above you.  Every one of those upline distributors needs to place the new distributors that they enroll somewhere at the bottom of their downline and as the binary tree fills up, they will need to place many of their new distributors in your downline. This automatic filling of your downline by your upline is called “spillover”.

To take full advantage of your upline “spillover”, the ideal place to be in a binary plan is as high as possible in the downline of a distributor that enrolls a lot of new distributors since that successful enroller will need to place their new distributors in your downline.

As an example, we here at see thousands of new enlyten prospects visit our site every month and we make every effort to turn these thousands of visitors into enlyten customers. In may cases these customers become distributors as well to share the products with their friends and earn an income in the process. With this new binary compensation plan, joining the AllStrips team just became MUCH more valuable to you as a new enlyten distributor. Now every new distributor who visits us and enrolls with enlyten after you, will be placed in your downline! Consider that every person who searches the internet for “enlyten” will come to this site, read this article and many will enroll as an enlyten distributor right away to lock in a top spot in the downline. The sooner you enroll, the sooner we can start putting new distributors in your downline, it’s that simple.

This new plan takes effect in just a few days on November 1st, 2009. Enroll now to lock in a top position on the Enlyten team!

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