Shaqlyte Diet Details

Obviously Shaq is looking GOOD with his new “Shaqlyte” diet.  Yesterday Shaq wrote a series of tweets about the secret behind his new diet pointing us to to see for ourselves. Of course redirects off to If you follow “THE_REAL_SHAQ” on twitter, you can get all the live updates of what Shaq is eating and doing to workout while on the Shaq lyte diet.

The success of the Shaqlyte diet, as seen by the recent photos of a newer slimer Shaq, proves that the enlyten powered Shaq Lyte diet is a great alternative to the recently banned hydroxycut diet supplements that were used by many people.

Not only is Shaq slimmer due to his “Shaq enLYTEn” diet but he is also richer. With his own enlyten business, Shaq now earns an additional income distributing enlyten products and helping others to start their own enlyten distribution businesses. Find out more about this new business opportunity here or give the products a try yourself by purchasing enlyten products here.

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