The history of Enlyten

Enlyten was developed by Rob Davidson, and his publicly traded company, HealthSport Inc. (HSPO.OB). Rob is also the co-founder of Zicam Nasal Spray Cold Remedy, a product we have all heard of and probably used. Enlyten has undergone and completed pre-market testing conducted in conjunction with the physicians and scientists at the Duke University Sports Medicine & The Michael W. Krzyzewski Laboratory (“K-Lab”). Enlyten is manufactured right here in the US by HealthSport in Woodland Hills, California.

Take 6 minutes to watch this introduction to enlyten video.

The original Enlyten product called “SportsStrips” got off to a great start when it was introduced to NFL Buffalo Bills. Soon after the Bills began using the product, several other NFL teams began to order the product, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Detroit Lions. But just as quickly as the NFL began to adopt the product, Gatorade stepped in and claimed they were the official electrolyte replacement sponsor of the NFL and blocked the NFL teams from endorsing the product. Enlyten is now in a lawsuit with Gatorade and parent company PepsiCo to prove Enlyten is a unique product that is not covered under the agreement Gatorade has with the NFL. (In short, Gatorade claims that enlyten strips are a “compressed gel” and the Gatorade agreement covers electrolyte gels.)

On July 26, 2007 Enlyten won the Best in Show award for Nutritional Products at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Trade Show, the largest exhibition of athletic trainers in the world.

Soon after the NATA best in show award, the above described lawsuit was filed against Gatorade and parent PepsiCo. The enlyten business plan was to market the product via NFL teams and other elite athletes. When Gatorade stepped in to eliminate this part of the enlyten business plan, the growth of enlyten was quickly stunted. Nonetheless, enlyten continued to expand the product line to multiple flavors of their electrolyte sport strips including grape, orange and vanilla berry. Throughout early to mid 2008 you could find enlyten sport strips on the shelves of Sports Authority, GNC, and a few other mainstream sports supplement distributors.

With slow sales and a lack of publicity due to the efforts of Gatorade, enlyten began talks with T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC (“TLM”) in late 2008 to help distribute enlyten. HealthSport, Inc. and T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC announced the final agreement giving T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for enlyten. The $300,000 agreement now means you can only get enlyten via an independent distributor in the enlyten network.

On January 9th, 2009 the new enlyten LLC based in Tulsa, Oklahoma “pre-launched” their network, multi-level marketing (MLM) company and began recruiting “Independent Distributors” to build the network and distribute the products. Nealry 8,000 Independent Distributors have enrolled with enlyten in this pre-launch phase. Enlyten pre-launch enrollment ends on May 31st when enlyten transitions to the post-launch compensation plan. Find out what this means to you here.

If you would like to purchase enlyten or join the enlyten network, please follow these links. For more information about the enlyten business opportunity, please read the enlyten Opportunity FAQ and email with any additional questions.


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