The Shaq Lyte Diet

Shaq is at it again on Twitter about enlyten. Today he announced his Shaq Lyte Diet. And even posted a little video of himself singing about it holding a cassette of enlyten energy strips. Clearly Shaq is all about enlyten and is looking to make the big bucks as an enlyten distributor. More power to him!

With the Shaq Lyte diet now in full swing, can we expect one of the new enlyten products released on May 16th to be a diet or weight loss strip?

You can’t follow the Shaq Lyte Diet without Shaq Lyte products, purchase the Shaq Lyte Diet strips here.

To profit from the Shaq Lyte Diet right along with Shaq, become an enlyten independent distributor. Become the first distributor in your area and profit from all the people who wait until enlyten is already the next big thing. Those who get in first will make the most money. Find out more about the enlyten business here.

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  1. The Kardiac Kid | JINXED: How the Lebron-Shaq SI Cover Will Doom The Cavs Says:

    October 21st, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    […] Enlyten diet drops him to a Kate Moss-esque 85 pounds. […]

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