Tony Robbins on Network Marketing - Tony RobbinsSelf-help guru to the stars, Tony (Anthony) Robbins, recently sat down with two successful network marketers to discuss the traits that successful people employ on their path to financial freedom and how everyone can learn these traits to generate their own success.

Watch the video here.

Let me start by acknowledging the obvious, to become financially independent you cannot simply work a normal 8 to 5 job. A job will provide food for your family, give you a place to sleep, perhaps send your kids to college, and hopefully pay for retirement when you leave your job at age 65 or 70.  A job will not provide you the time and money freedom to spend time with your kids as they grow up or to travel anywhere in the world when you feel like a vacation for a few weeks. To achieve this, you need to be financially independent and a job will never give you this.

The formula for financial independence is simple: make more money. Now before you give me the “money does not buy happiness” speech, let me say that I firmly agree with that statement. But I also firmly believe the opposite is true: “the lack of money does cause unhappiness.” So the obvious question is, “If having money and not having money both cause unhappiness, how does one become happy?” The answer is simple, progress generates happiness. Progress towards a financial goal, progress towards that promotion at work, progress towards the next step in a relationship, etc. Making progress towards our “goals,” whatever they may be, causes us to be happy.

Achieving a goal is great and makes us happy for a few days or a few weeks, but once we settle into our new lifestyle with that old goal behind us, the happiness wears off. We need to set new goals and make progress towards those goals to again regain that sense of progress and happiness.

This turned out to be a longer video introduction than I had intended so I will move on and let the video speak for itself. The main point to keep in mind when watching this video is that making true progress towards financial independence will truly make you happy on a daily basis. And as the momentum of your progress builds, you will find yourself completely financially free much sooner than you ever thought possible.

The key take away points from the video are this:

  • Know the result you want and believe, with certainty, that you will achieve it.
  • This belief will maximize your potential and ensure you take massive action to reach your desired result.
  • Achieving your desired results will further reinforce your belief that you have the potential to reach your biggest and most outrageous lifetime goals.

Without any further delay check out the video here:

The two examples below show how your beliefs will directly affect your results:

  • Many enlyten distributors only hope to succeed and do not believe with certainty they have the potential to be massively successful. This negative belief leads to little or no action and little or no results, which only strengthens the negative belief that they will not succeed at network marketing.
  • Successful network marketers truly believe, with certainty, that they will achieve financial freedom with enlyten. This “I MUST be successful” belief will maximize your potential and drive you to take massive action on a daily basis. Over time, your massive actions will generate massive results and strengthen your belief that you do have what it takes (the potential) to be a success, further driving you to take more action and generate even greater results.

If you only take one point away from this article, take away this:

Success, happiness and financial freedom will come to those who make regular progress towards their enlyten income goals. This progress will only come if you take action every day towards those goals. Small actions like mentioning enlyten to a friend or large actions like setting up a booth at a local running or cycling event all make progress. And remember true progress is what makes our lives happier and, in the end, richer.

Get started with Enlyten today.

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