Who is using Enlyten?

Although Enlyten has not been around long, it can already be found in the hands of some very notable athletes. The most visible endorsement deal was with the Buffalo Bills NFL team and soon after Enlyten was contacted by several other NFL teams for endorsement deals.  Seeing the quick product adoption by the NFL clubs, Gatorade and parent Pepsico threw their weight around and forced all NFL teams out of any Enlyten endorsement contracts.  Enlyten then filed a lawsuit against Gatorade and Pepsico (which is still in the discovery phase) to prevent them from interfering in Enlyten’s attempts to work with the NFL teams.

Prior to Gatorade stepping in, Enlyten was, for a short time the official electrolyte strip of the Buffalo Bills. Here is a copy of the Enlyten ad in the Buffalo Bills home game program:

JP Losman with Enlyten

JP Losman uses Enlyten at practice:

JP Losman using Enlyten at practice.


Other notable NFL Enlyten endorsement deals are with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly and 2006 Defensive Player of the Year, Jason Taylor:

Jason Taylor with Enlyten


Moving away from the NFL, several other sports athletes use Enlyten:

  • U.S. soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Brandi Chastain best known for the famous game winning penalty kick against China in the 1999 Women’s World Cup final.
  • Enlyten partnered with one of the world’s premier soccer clubs, AC Milan,  who will continue to test Enlyten products at Milan Lab, the club’s state-of-the-art testing facilities in Milan. AC Milan is the only professional sports club in the world to have its own sport performance testing laboratory. AC Milan’s players will also use Enlyten SportStrips as part of their daily nutritional regimen to assist in maintaining proper hydration and muscle recovery.
  • NHL Buffalo Sabres All-Star Goaltender Ryan Miller
  • Bills Head Trainer Bud Carpenter
  • San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy
  • Elite Marathon champ Peter Gilmore
  • And last but clearly not least, tennis beauty Maria Sharapova “is close to signing a deal with” Enlyten. This deal would be a big blow to Gatorade who had signed Sharapova to a two year deal for $900,000 which expired last month, January 2009.  Gatorade had hoped to resign Sharapova for less money which prompted Sharapova to begin talking to Enlyten. CNBC broke the story in December 2008.

Maria Sharapova may endorce Enlyten

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