Healthsport Weight Loss Strips

In a press release this morning, Healthsport, Inc. (the manufacturer of the strip products that enlyten LLC distributes) announced the early success of their two new weight loss strip products.  enlyten LLC has already placed a second order for the appetite suppressant strip and the calorie burner strip products.

HealthSport, Inc. (OTCBB:HSPO), announced today that it has developed a weight management product line which initially includes an appetite suppressant strip and a calorie burner strip. Enlyten, which is presently distributing the two products, has already placed a second order for delivery in July, 2009.

And you read it here first! Healthsport, Inc. is working on new weight loss strip products. One strip product will be a sugar blocker and one will help the body burn fat.

“Initial consumer feedback has been very positive. Our research and development team will continue to develop further weight management products which will include strips for blocking sugar and burning fat to take advantage of the $60 billion weight management industry,” stated Hank Durschlag, CEO of HealthSport.

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